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Hypnosis Therapy


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The word hypnosis is shrouded with mystery ever since the term was coined.
The word hypnosis is a misnomer, meaning sleep in greek
The exact origin of hypnotism is lost in the mist of time,but undoubtedly it was prevalent in the ‘sleep temples’ of Egypt from where it spread to Greece.but even earlier than Egypt it was quite popular in India for thousand of years.
It was Swiss doctor, friedrich anton mesmer, who in 1775 published his theory of ‘animal magnetism’. There is magnetism in the human body and this magnetism has curative powers.

What is hypnosis?
Mind, which is essentially one can be divided into conscious and subconscious.
Your conscious mind does the thinking of which you are aware, whereas the latter is a vast vaulted warehouse in which are treasured all hidden thoughts and impressions, which keep on shaping ones actions throughout the life..
Hypnosis is nothing but the conditioning and the reconditioning of the subconscious.
All your likes, dislikes, prejudices, fears ,phobias,sense of morality,religious and mundane beliefs are but a result of your genes and conditioning, the inputs you are incessantly receiving from your parents the state and your social environment are constantly shaping your you already are,right from your birth,a hypnotic subject and a hypnotist too!!!
Conscious mind is the censor; it thrives on logic and rationalization, The subconscious mind is like a obedient slave, it accepts all the cumulative suggestion , including that of the conscious mind .
scope of hypnosis-
It is a very vast field,as one is venturing the mind, which is unfathomably mysterious and mostly unexplored.It has ever-widening frontiers.
The author in his personal experiences has even tried future life progression in addition to past life regression,which is normally practiced to some success.
The 'individual mind' is at some level connected to 'the world mind'.World mind is a collection of all the human experiences and knowledge ever present.This world mind seems to have some link to the subconscious mind of an individual.Author has seen that under hypnotic spell,it is possible to 'access' the world mind.The subject can relate any information or knowledge,which may not be a conscious part of his experiencing structure.For example a subject of mine was able to relate the minute details of the egyptian pyramids,without ever knowing anything about it consciously. Another subject could explain all about astrology, while consciously, he had no belief or knowledge of astrology.
mind cannot help being conditioned,and only one in a billion has a mind[enlightened] which is de-conditioned. Re-conditioning,though is possible, and this is achieved with the help of HYPNOSIS.Habits can be re-modified and pattern of mental activity, reshaped! as desired.

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