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Astrology….A relative view?
Astrology is a subjective mystical art of decoding a pattern of the course and make up of an individual mind body complex [self] by its relative relation to a group of celestial bodies.

Everything in the universe has got to be connected to each other,if the universe is a play of one energy and everything has got to influence each other if specific gravity concept holds good. Astrology is a tool of linking the planetary position and movement of stars to individuals constitution and the future events ,one attributes as ones own personal events.
Time is mind or mind is time, And though we live in a timeless and space less dimension our present is but an incessant oscillation between past and future, present craving, everlastingly for future!
Word 'astrology' generally brings to mind curiosity and excitement of knowing ones future life.

Do stars just symbolically point out at an individual ,his constitution and the all the upcoming life events? or have they a concrete affect on the person's life?

There is a school of thought,[most common]which believes that they are constantly affecting us physically as well as mentally. Vedic astrology gives them a

status of god and god heads.Planets are thus worshiped and various mantras and gems associated with the planets

The other theory is that ASTROLOGY is a mystical art which deciphers the course of ones life with the relative current relation of planets[9 of them] to there position at the time of the individuals birth at a particular place[longitude]

So in that case, The astrological chart is just a symbolic code ,Which can be decoded to know about the subject.and the planets are mere pointers,with no substantial effect on humanity.

Author here maintains that all the planets and the constellation are independent,potent images of energy ,built over a period of time as a result of a belief[content of collective consciousness] of a society.The images[of planets and constellations ] which was coined "archetype" by c jung have a physical existence of their own and impact on the psyche of an individual and thus influencing the course of actions. Astrological chart is a symbolic representation of ones genetic make-up.As ones entire life is determined by the D.N.A,The chart in a way represents one's character which eventually turns into action!
REMEDIES AND RELIGION-Thus work by influencing the "archetypes" , which in turn influences our mental picture in a desired way.All the mantras,worships and upayas have the same principle. This explains ,how belief in any religion or god and its practice is aimed at bringing about the 'desired change' or fulfilling ones desire. The image [mental,with physical substance] of a particular god,with its unique way of worshiping ,its symbolic language has become potent due to the combined input of mental energy[worship,mantras,belief in mythological stories,and various other religiuos practices], of a group or a sect of people sharing same cultural belief and mythologies over a large span of time .They now in turn influence the individual psyche of people of a particular cultural background.This explains why some 'forbidden practice's in say,HINDU religion ,if practiced by a Christian doesn't seem to have any impact on him and vice versa!
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couple astrology
When two individuals meet,they carry with themselves, their individual chemistry and the outcome is akin to a chemical reaction when two [or more] chemicals react.There may be a glow!
,a spark!, fumes! ,chemicals not mixing[retaining their own identity] or in some cases a BANG!!!!!
The outcome of the interaction between different personalities may have or lack
the "rasa".The pre-determined genetic make up or dosha in ayurvedic terms determines ,how a person is going to react[as one never acts] in different circumstances.
couple astrology aims at predicting the outcome of a 'union'
Do they agree,adapt,disagree,confront,understand or misunderstand with each other .HINTING at their physical and mental compatibility,weather the 'events' in ones life are going to facilitate peace and harmony in ones life.

Stars indicate one's love preferences,one's tastes,one's idea of romance,passion. What one is looking for in one's spouse.What qualities are attractive in opposite sex.
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